Flourish (Vol.5) kicks off 2019 with a breath of fresh air. Huckleberry's design, aesthetic and content has evolved and we can't wait for you to see us in our brand new form. With all these changes though, you'll still be getting our warm, wise content; still see unretouched photos; still feel our community's heartbeat throughout. 


You'll feel the theme: Flourish, running throughout this volume like a stream leading you to an oasis. 

Nicki Passarella of Amica Farms shares how she came to be a farmer, and how the way she grows food is culturally revolutionary; Jill Snell (Huckleberry co-founder) gives her tips for seed starting; Cre'shea Hilton of Mothering Wild shares how we can help our children flourish by utlizing essential oils to aid in their emotional health; Beth Satterwhite of Even Pull Farm gives us insight into what it takes for plants to flourish and how that just may translate to our own self care. 



Flourish: Vol.5 (Spring 2019)

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